Sodium Carbonate

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Sodium carbonate or washing soda powder or soda ash

Natural dyeing – preparation of cellulosic fibers : a bath of sodium carbonate with a little liquid soap allows to remove fabrics impurities and to prepare them for dyeing. Rinse fibers after this treatment.

Mordanting of cellulosic fibers : sodium carbonate improves the fixation of alum (it is not necessary to add some if you use durectly aluminium acetate).

Natural dyeing and textile printing : pH adjustment of baths, brightens yellow shades (a little sodium carbonate – pH set around 8.0 – will make them more intense and more bright.

Other uses : filling or alkaline agent in numerous manufacturing process (soaps, papers, paintings, pigments, glasses, household products).

Pigments and lacquers : sodium carbonate is indicated in numerous processes of lacquers and pigments manufacture.

This product is in compliance with EC drinking water treatment (EN897 standard ).


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