Titanium oxalate

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Titanium oxalate – titanium mordent – Titanyl-potassium oxalate

Uses :
Natural dyeing – mordent for cellulosic fibers and leather :
Titanium oxalate is mentioned in several books as a mordant for dyeing cotton and leather.
It provides a better fixation of natural tanins and bright oranges (for instance with the oak gallnut extract or sumac gallnut extract or the tara extract). In combination with natural dyes, you will get new ranges of shades, especially bright oranges with yellow natural dyes (for instance with the weld extract).
By creating stronger complexes between the fibers and the dyes, titanium mordent contributes to better lightfastness and washfastnesses.
Titanium salts are currently extensively developed in replacement of chromium salts for environmentally friendly titanium-tanning techniques.


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