GREEN’ING – The founders

Patrick Brenac, has a PhD in natural substances from the University of Montpellier II, then postdoctoral studies at Cornell University (USA). He has been involved in natural compounds since 1990, including 23 years in natural dyes and their use.

He did initiate, participate to or manage many R&D projects, industrial scaling-up and innovations. He did establish along his career a large network of experts in many fields related to plants and their uses.

« Natural ingredients, plant extracts and natural dyes are part of a specialized and growing market where I appreciate the mix of technical input, innovation and human relationships deserving nature and health. Entrepreneurship is a choice of life ».

Isabelle Castel Brenac, graduated from ISIM (Polytech Montpellier) has an engineer in water, nature and quality management. She has been working for 12 years in industrial or administrative services related to nature – techniques and process, regulations, labels and Quality Safety Environment (QSE).

« I would like to put my efforts in the development of GREEN‘ING for its values and involvement into sustainability ».