Fructose syrup

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This fructose syrup is prepared from grapes, apples and dates.
These natural reducing sugars are produced under sustainable conditions from the grape-wine and fruits industries.

It has a concentration of 70 % of crystallized fructose.
1,43 g of syrup = 1 g of crystallized fructose.

Use :
Natural indigo dyeing : Fructose is a reducing sugar. This syrup-form is perfect for the natural reduction of indigo used in organic indigo vats (type 1-2-3 vat according to Michel Garcia’s recipes for instance). Since the reduction needs to be in alkaline conditions, we also recommend to use our hydrated lime – calcium hydroxide.

Other uses : In the form of syrup or as a thickener…  or to sweeten your culinary preparations (store the syrup in clean bottles and at cold temperature in this case – we shall not be responsible in case of non consistent use).


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