Extrait de tanin de châtaignier

GREEN‘ING  did conclude a commercial agreement with the Company KINGTREE  for the sale of their Chestnut Extract from Occitania in our applications for textile, leather and cosmetics for instance.
These two companies are located in the area of the Parc naturel régional du Haut-Languedoc.
The Chestnut Extract from Occitania is manufactured by KINGTREE in the South of France from local resources (regrowth of chestnut trees) and under a virtuous and sustainable approach. The plant tannins (elagic type) are extracted by using the water from wood and from the recycling of extraction condensates, so in closed production without any use of external water, nor waste water production. A VALUABLE CO-VALORIZATION since the wood after extraction is then used for the production of agromaterials for construction.
More information and purchase HERE.

We did receive the 2019 harvest of the beautiful natural indigo from Indigofera suffruticosa. Manufactured in Central America from fair and sustainable production.
The year 2019 was favourable and allowed us to purchase a little more of this indigo but this quality increases the demand. Do not loose time to place your order!

You can find this indigo on our webstore HERE.

GREEN‘ING did participate to the second Edition of Awards :
Innovate in countryside – create my company where I want to live.
Waiting for the final awards that will be given on January 24th, 2020 in “Pont du Gard, the Roman Aqueduc”, we are glad to let you know that GREEN‘ING is nominated for the Special Price “Regional Natural Parks”.

Our project was selected with 6 others for the final, among 42 candidates. Thanks to the Fédération des Parcs naturels régionaux de France for this nomination and the Parc naturel régional du Haut-Languedoc we do live in, that did initiate and support our project.

We are glad to live on the area of the Parc naturel régional du Haut-Languedoc as we have already mentioned in the article Natural colors and spring waters. Read more.

GREEN‘ING will attend the XXth Journées Nationales de la Laine on October 25-27th in Felletin (19). 19th edition.

The annual meeting for professionals, craftsmen and all lovers of wool gathers more than 130 exhibitors and proposes craftsmen exhibitions, visit of companies, workshops around wool.
We will be glad to meet you there.

Natural Colours & Natural Textiles in Occitania. Inheritage and source of inspiration for design.

GREEN‘ING will attend the symposium organised on September 18th, 2019 in Montpellier.

The history of colors in Occitania, the built heritage and the documents preserved in the departmental archives of Hérault are of first order in the international history of natural colors. The production and use of natural colors have had great economic importance in the South of France, in particular in our territories, and these elements constitute a good basis for the revival of these sectors and the development of bioeconomies.

This event will be an opportunity to create a link between in history, current productions and uses, development potentials, and to bring together passionate regional players.

On this occasion, Patrick Brenac will give a conference entitled : “From dye plants to colored textiles – manufacture and use of natural colors“. An update on plants, techniques and current sectors.

We will be glad to meet you and share this time of color.
Free entrance. Information and program (french)


Extrait de lac-dye-Nouveau-©GREEN'ING

LAC DYE is a natural coloring extract isolated from the resin of Indian lac (Kerria lacca).
NEW QUALITY, slightly more concentrated than the previous one.


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Les chemins de la couleur ©GREENING

GREEN‘ING has moved to the South of France at the end of 2017.

Beyond a return to our roots and place in our heart, beyond the moving and paperworks, these last months does appear the outlines of a path within the history of natural dyes, of which we would like to bring you the first highlights. Des couleurs naturelles et des sources. Read more.

GREEN‘ING did attend the event Textival on June 21st, 2018 in Lyon.

On this occasion, GREEN‘ING received the 2018 Textile INNOVATION Award of Textival.

A sign of encouragement and recognition that touches us and to which we wished to associate the whole community contributing to the development of natural colors.
Textival is the business and innovation meeting of textiles and soft materials. An event that combines a business convention with the presentation of innovations from the FRENCH TEXTILE industriesTM.

GREEN‘ING will attend the Journées Nationales de la Laine on October 26-28th in Felletin (19). 19th edition.

The annual meeting for professionals, craftsmen and all lovers of wool gathers more than 130 exhibitors and proposes craftsmen exhibitions, visit of companies, workshops around wool.
We will be glad to meet you there.

GREEN‘ING will participate to the event Made in France – Première Vision, that will be held on March 29th and 30th, 2017 at Carreau du Temple in Paris.
As part of the Rencontres du Made in France, organized in partnership with Institut Français de la Mode, Patrick Brenac will attend a round table on Plant dyes & Industry, with the other partners of the project Synergie Française: ISABELLE RODIER (Kifabric) and CLEMENT BOTTIER, 3 textile companies – LE FIL AMALRIC (spinning), ETS HENRI PLO (dyeing, finishing), LE PASSE TRAME (weaving) and GREEN‘ING (natural dyes and support).
An exhibition will also present these industrial developments from natural fibres and natural dyes.
We will be glad to meet you there.
Thanks to the organizers, to Pascal Gautrand and to the team of Made in Town for suporting us on this project.
Synergie Française : read more