Commercial agreement GREEN’ING – KINGTREE

GREEN‘ING  did conclude a commercial agreement with the Company KINGTREE  for the sale of their Chestnut Extract from Occitania in our applications for textile, leather and cosmetics for instance.
These two companies are located in the area of the Parc naturel régional du Haut-Languedoc.
The Chestnut Extract from Occitania is manufactured by KINGTREE in the South of France from local resources (regrowth of chestnut trees) and under a virtuous and sustainable approach. The plant tannins (elagic type) are extracted by using the water from wood and from the recycling of extraction condensates, so in closed production without any use of external water, nor waste water production. A VALUABLE CO-VALORIZATION since the wood after extraction is then used for the production of agromaterials for construction.

More information and purchase HERE.

Extrait de tanin de châtaignier