A collaborative project associating design and natural textile industries : Textile designers ISABELLE RODIER (Kifabric) and CLEMENT BOTTIER, the companies LE FIL AMALRIC (spinning), ETS HENRI PLO (dyeing, finishing), LE PASSE TRAME (weaving) and GREEN‘ING (natural dyes and support), mostly from regional areas.
An industrial challenge (a range of natural fabrics and textile accessories in 4 month from design to finish products, 100 000 m of merinos d’Arles / hemp involved), collaborations and exchanges leading to technical advances and a human relationships experience. The products developped during this project are exposed during the Biennale Emergences in Pantin (Paris) October 13th-16th, 2016. Thanks to Pascal Gautrand for his welcome, for the exposition and highlight of the products. More Info